The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival

Sunday, May 28th, 2023, 12-5pm

Visit our ECOLIBRIUM booth during the 36th Annual Loisaida Festival on Sunday, May 28th from 12-5pm!

Since 1987 the Loisaida Festival has been the largest community celebration festival event in Lower Manhattan, and grows annually in size, excitement, and impact. In keeping with its annual tradition, this year’s Loisaida Festival will represent a culmination of the year-round programming that has taken place at the Loisaida Inc. Center, highlighting new and ongoing partnerships that serve individuals of all ages and backgrounds living in the Lower East Side and beyond.


ECOLIBRIUM: Ramp Up, Draw Down

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Join the ECOLIBRIUM program at The Loisaida Center, in collaboration with Cooper Square Committee and Cycle Architecture + Planning, to participate in a first-of-its-kind community-wide free building energy use and efficiency assessment.

This live, hybrid in-person event/web meeting on May 3rd, 2023 will be used to discuss a current U.S. Department of Energy opportunity that could benefit HDFCs, Mutual Housing Associations, Land Trusts, Limited Equity Cooperatives, and housing organizations. Shareholders, board members, and building managers are encouraged to attend!

Center for Wellbeing & Happiness’ Earth Day Fair

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, 2:00-3:30pm

Come check out our ECOLIBRIUM presentation during the Center for Wellbeing & Happiness’ Earth Day Fair on Saturday, April 22nd from 2:003:30pm!

In celebration of Earth Day, join the Center for Wellbeing & Happiness for an interactive fair that will share direct actions our community can take to address climate change like joining local resiliency efforts, composting, and eating a plant-based diet.

LUNGS’ Spring Awakening

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, 11am

Help the ECOLIBRIUM team gather data and learn about our project this Earth Day in La Plaza Cultural, during LUNGS’ Spring Awakening on Saturday, April 22nd starting at 11am!

This Earth Day, join LUNGS as well as several other community members and organizations in the Lower East Side for art, poetry, music, workshops, and more!

The Loisaida Center‘s ECOLIBRIUM Program, in partnership with LUNGS, is calling on all Lower East Side gardeners to help us document the state of Lower East Side gardens! We want to hear and learn from our community gardeners about your successes, challenges, and visions on how to protect, value, and sustain our precious gardens for generations to come

Please start the conversation by filling out our gardener survey, and join us on March 25th, from 4-5:30pm virtually or in person at the Loisaida Center.

Read about a recently proposed community-based environmental project in Loisaida here.